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Monday, March 14, 2011


At first..sampai bahrain..im a bit depressed..staying at home..no friends..not working..everything is change..my normal life before this is changing..no students...no school work load..

For 7 month..im still depressed..about friends..

But now i know..why do i need friends right here in Manama..i already have my bestfriends...

1. Mr. Shahafeez
2. Aira Nadira
3. Aisya Nisa

Layan korang ni jer pun dah cukup penat and happy...okay aper..buat apa memikirkan pasal orang lain...

Love you all..:)


  1. Love you toooooo......... Layan mereka2 itu byk pahala nya..... :)

  2. Yela kan zai,pikir pasal org buat per..penat jer..layan buah hati i ni lagi bagus...Love you toooo..hehe