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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Aisya.. 2 yrs old..

Post ini sudah lama tersangkut..sorry Aisya!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aisya!!! 2 yrs old...

Aira and Aisya  :)..my 2 lovely daughters..

Ini lah jadinya bile mintak tolong my maid amikkan gambar, lepas tu tidak check..blur..huh

Happy birthday to you!!!!

Cutting the cake

yum, yum

Hadiah untuk Aisya

Kak Aira menangis nak present jugak!!!

Aisya kutip M&M jer..


A friend of mine asked me about my cinnamon and choc rolls. She asked me for the recipe...Pssttt... the secret is "I'm using a breadmaker".. :)

It's so easy!.. I love my breadmaker. I just put in all the ingredients in and Tadaa..done! My bread is ready.. 

We brought this breadmaker from Kuala Lumpur when we moved to Bahrain.

I'm baking chicken curry pie

It is a 3 in 1 Breadmaker..
1. Breadmaker
2. Oven
3. Toaster

I made this pizza too...

Homemade Bread...nyum nyum...

Friday, June 24, 2011

my first tudung

Thank you to my friend Puan Rozita from Brunei kerana sanggup mengajar saya untuk menjahit tudung ni..

This is my first attempt..ya Allah, memang susah tul terutamanya bahagian awning tu..huh..

Ini pun ada salah sikit, ada kedutan yang sepatutnya tiada, so I hide it using stone. I use my "magic wand" hehe.

Jubah ini telah lama dibeli ..ermm dari tahun 2007 (zaman mengandungkan Aira)..tapi terlalu labuh dan tak berkesempatan untuk meng orter..lepas tu sebab saya breastfeeding my 2 baby, lagilah alasan susah nak pakai jubah ni..
sekarang, saya jahit sendiri untuk pendekkan dan sudah bebas dari menyusu anak..bebas nak pakai baju apa saja hahaha..:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Homemade cinnamon roll

It’s been a long time I didn't bake. Tonight I’m making homemade cinnamon and choc roll.

I'm running out the chocolate syrup..
I just put the whip cream on the top of the cinnamon roll..

But, my girls still love it..:)

Me with my first refashion

Me with my New Refashion Blouse

I really like the hand's part..:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

My First Refashion..my own blouse

I’m suppose to sew my tudung (hijab), but I’m still couldn't sew the end edging of the fabric, it kept stuck to my machine and I don’t know what is the problem, so I decided to wait and ask my friend later next week.

While waiting for next week, I tried to refashion my own blouse. It is my first attempt in doing so.

FYI, I have a white blouse that was a surprise present from my friends at school. They gave it to me last year for a farewell present. I didn’t realise that it’s big size for me until I arrived in Manama. But I still wear it from time to time although it’s too big for me.

Last Wednesday, My Arabic class had a practical session at the Bahrain City Center Mall, and I saw a shirt form Punt Roma that has ruffles…TING!

I want to challenge myself to turn my old blouse into new one.

I cut a the sides of the blouse to make it fit for me, and then I sew it to make it smaller.

I made the ruffles from the balance of the fabric that I cut. Before I sew it on my blouse, I sew zig zag pattern at the edge. I’m still new and not familiar with my own sewing machine and this is the result:

The right one is the first that I sew and the left one is the end result…and is so funny. We can see the different quality (hehe).

Pin it to the shirt
Sew it

For the sleeves, I used the elastic tread to make a grip design.

 Done…This is my new blouse..Tadaaa!


And I'm loving it!

My first Lace crochet

I bought a new book to add in my book collection of crochet.  Thank you to my hubby..love you.

From this book..i made a small hexagon lace mat..this is my first attempt for a lace pattern..yeay!! and Im really enjoyed it..hehe..but I have to postponed for making the larger mat because I have to concentrate on making my tudung (hijab) first..

Love it!!

Cant wait!..I hope I can control myself..:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another new headband..Purple and Pink

Some of my blog viewer must be boring..hehe..there's a lot of headbands lately..

Actually i planning to make another necklace for me but I got a birthday invitation this Thursday evening. It is a 7 years old girl birthday so I have to postponed my necklace project. 

I made this headband purple and pink colour. I got to know the birthday girl like purple colour. So, here is it.

I have difficulty to make the flower...but finally..yeay, I did it! I put some pink pearls in the middle of the flower.

It just a simple headband and I hope she will like it. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crochet necklace for my friend

This is my first attempt for crochet jewellery's .
I made a 3 tier necklace with a flower. I put some golden pearl at the center of the flower.
Its a birthday present for my friend, I call her Ibu Sukma she's from Indonesia.

I really hope she will like it!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stop breasfeed

Aisya turns 2 years old, and its time for me to stop breasfeed her..fuh..memang mencabarla..tapi baru start siang hari..kalau tengok dan dengar dia menangis memang rasa sungguh kesian dan tak sampai hati..tapi nak buat camner..usaha harus diteruskan..

Baru start hari ke-3..malam masih lagi sumbat jer..Saya guna taktik bubuh lipstik and cakap pada aisya yang mama sakit. Nasib baik Aisya percaya..Habis dengan semua orang dia cakap yang tetek mama sakit (hehe)..tapi bila masuk hari ke-2 dia kata dia nak juga..so, saya guna idea kawan saya Mazlina. Saya letak minyak angin baby..dalam keadaan menangis dia mengeleng-geleng kepala..tak sedap..tapi, lepas tu mama yang sakit..PEDIH!!

Harap semua berjalan dengan lancar..Ya Allah, tolongla bukakan hati Aisya untuk minum susu botol..Amin..

Friday, June 3, 2011

headband for birthday present

I have been away from my blog for some time. I've been so busy with activities from ladies association and programs with the Asian embassies ladies. I got invitation for a 12 years old girl birthday  party today. I'm so tired to go and buy a present for her, so i decided to make a crochet headband for her.

This is the headband with a tulle flower. I put 4 pearls at the center of the flower.

I use black elastic because I don’t know her head size. 

I hope she will like it!

I made this heart bread jelly to bring along to the party. Last day we bought KFC for dinner and we got the dinner breads (5), no one wants to eat it, so I use the breads to make the jelly. After the party we having religions class (usrah), normally all the guest will bring at least one dish sweet or savory.