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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arabian Fusion Night

It's a farewell party for the wife of the Ambassador of Malaysia. I decided to make an Arabian fusion theme.. Its a combination between Arabic and Malaysian concept (especially the food). 

Its a colorful party! 
Apologies for the blurry pic. 

Me with the guest of honor

The decoration with "Majlis" Chair.

The wife of the ambassador of Japan is also wearing an Abaya...:)

It was the first experience for me in giving a farewell speech plus purposing a toast. Thank you to my "sayang" for preparing the speech and toast..

To All the good friends that we left behind,
To all the good memories that we kept in mind,
To the challenges that lie ahead,
We bid u farewell Datin
Until we meet again

To Datin Z

We also did poco-poco session conducted by Ibu Wiwik from the Embassy of Indonesia. Before this, we always poco-poco once a week in the yoga room at the clubhouse. But as requested from my friend..I cant upload the pic..sorry guys..

The Arabian dish and Malaysian Dish. I cook all the Malaysian dish except the noodles (it's from Kak Ton).
I also made my first "Pulut Panggang"

When I put the Majlis chair, I dont really think that my guest will sit on it..but i'm wrong...my guests really enjoy sitting on it..its really make the arabic theme alive..

The feminine side of the Embassy that helped me to set up the party 

My Pink Songket

 The Arabic Sweets.

 I named this jelly as Love Potion Jelly..the recipe is from this blog

I use my mom crochet tablecloth..I wish I can make one like this.

I borrowed the Majlis set from my friend .I think I should buy one set to bring back home..so I can plan for Aira or Aisya The Arabic Theme Birthday party.


  1. hebat....nnt boleh buat lagi theme party mcm ni ;)

  2. The arrangements for this Arabian Fusion Night were fabulous. I am so glad to see the photos here. Our Arabian friend will be getting married at destination Los Angeles venues so we were looking ideas for her bridal shower. I think all these ideas from this bash can be used for her shower.