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Saturday, July 30, 2011

white and pink outing

Its white and pink outing day.

Aira is enjoying the choc cinnamon roll..nyum nyum

3 necklace for Aira's teachers

Its a very late entry..Its a thank you present before the summer holidays..thanks for the whole last school semester..Aira learnt a lot from them.:)

This is a present for Miss Sarah and her two helper..Unfortunately, I can't remember their names..when I ask ed Aira, she also didn't remember..hehehe

This is for Miss Sarah

Pin at the back of the flower..we can use it for brooch.

The second necklace.

The third necklace

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arabian Fusion Night

It's a farewell party for the wife of the Ambassador of Malaysia. I decided to make an Arabian fusion theme.. Its a combination between Arabic and Malaysian concept (especially the food). 

Its a colorful party! 
Apologies for the blurry pic. 

Me with the guest of honor

The decoration with "Majlis" Chair.

The wife of the ambassador of Japan is also wearing an Abaya...:)

It was the first experience for me in giving a farewell speech plus purposing a toast. Thank you to my "sayang" for preparing the speech and toast..

To All the good friends that we left behind,
To all the good memories that we kept in mind,
To the challenges that lie ahead,
We bid u farewell Datin
Until we meet again

To Datin Z

We also did poco-poco session conducted by Ibu Wiwik from the Embassy of Indonesia. Before this, we always poco-poco once a week in the yoga room at the clubhouse. But as requested from my friend..I cant upload the pic..sorry guys..

The Arabian dish and Malaysian Dish. I cook all the Malaysian dish except the noodles (it's from Kak Ton).
I also made my first "Pulut Panggang"

When I put the Majlis chair, I dont really think that my guest will sit on it..but i'm wrong...my guests really enjoy sitting on it..its really make the arabic theme alive..

The feminine side of the Embassy that helped me to set up the party 

My Pink Songket

 The Arabic Sweets.

 I named this jelly as Love Potion Jelly..the recipe is from this blog

I use my mom crochet tablecloth..I wish I can make one like this.

I borrowed the Majlis set from my friend .I think I should buy one set to bring back home..so I can plan for Aira or Aisya The Arabic Theme Birthday party.

Stop breastfeed Day Time

I managed to train my baby, Aisya to stop breastfeeding during the day time. Actually, it was quite difficult as I'm not working anymore and I have always been with her at home. It's a different process. 

But we made it.. congrats to Aisya, Aira, papa and myself! It's our family success. Thanks for all the cooperation to make this mission a success.

Aisya now is enjoying drinking formula milk using bottle with her sister Aira. Time flies really fast..Aisya is a big girl now.

She can't fall asleep at night without breastfeed. Before this, when she want to sleep she always play with my  shirt or "tali" from my pants while breastfeed. But now, she just rubbed my face until she falls asleep..

But the PROBLEM is....in the middle of the night, she will cry and asking for "susu mama"...and she refused to drink milk from bottle!..she kept crying for hours and sometimes she lost her voice.

But its okay, we can try it slowly..hope everything turn out well..



Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 morrow party!!!

I'm so excited and nervous (2 in 1) . Tomorrow I will be hosting my first party. It's going to be a ladies only party with diplomatic corps and the theme is Arabian Fusion Night...

Hope everything will go on well as I had planed.

I still haven't memorized the speech yet...got lots work to do...

I have to wake up early morning tomorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

no mood for crafting

I'm not in the mood to craft or sew anything..but i have a lots of things to do in my list..i hope i can start my list after i'm done my Arabic Fusion Party for the Wife of Ambassador. The party is on 24 July..
I'm still planning for the decoration and food...I hope the party will turn out happening..hope so..


matching apron for mama baking assistants

Aira always help mama bake in the kitchen but in her own way...huh..
I always wanted to make aprons for Aira and Aisya.. And I saw little lady size apron tutorial from Morning by Morning Production.

The tutorial is here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First skirt

Yeay!!..my first skirt is ready!!!

Im very, very happy...:)

I use tutorial from this blog..thanks Abby for make my dream come true..:)

Sewing this skirt without a caplock machine (jahit tepi).  It's so so so hard...it takes more time...fuh..

The smocked part..

But I need more practise i guess..:)

I'm so happy..:)

tutu for end school purple class party

Its time for end school party before summer holiday!!

Aira is going to graduate from purple class and insyaallah she will go to orange class next semester.

Its a fancy dress party...so i made this pink and a bit purple tutu for her..Aira is wearing a ladybug wing in pink with a pink headband..

Before go to school

 Aira with her teacher..Miss Sarah, she really love Miss Sarah

This is Aira with her bestfriend Mariam..so cute...Aira is so messy and she look so tried.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crochet + T shirt = New T shirt

Refashion...a plain t shirt into crochet t shirt..

I bought this T shirt a fortnight ago for 1.500 Bahrain Dinar (about RM11).

Its a plain T shirt.

 Last week my husband and I saw a lot of T-shirts from Forever 21 that have crochet pattern on it, but the T-shirt turned out to be so expensive. So, I decided  to put some crochet pattern on my plain T-shirt.

I'm a beginner in crocheting lace patterns, I only knew how to make hexagon pattern from this book.

But, for this T shirt I made some adjustments to make it to be circle pattern..

The funny thing is, all this while I thought that making the crochet is the hardest part of this redesign project. Apparently, it took even more effort to stitch the completed design to the T-shirt, as my still aching back can testify.

New T shirt


Friday, July 8, 2011


Hampeh betul!!!

Semalam masa masuk stor room dapur..mata saya terpandang satu iklan di surat khabar lama..saya terpikir..eh, kat Bahrain ni pun ada jual nasi lemak!!..kat mana ek?

so, saya pun patah balik ke ruang stor..tengok balik ruangan iklan tu..

rupa-rupanya..surat khabar Malaysia..iklan Oldtown!!


Last month, my neighbour from uk ni pergi holiday ke Malaysia..dia sajer jer la bagi NST ni kat kitorang..:)

Ini dia..tertipu betul..ingatkan ada nasi lemak kat Bahrain ni...huhu

Saturday, July 2, 2011

telefon ku pecah


Aisya Nisa pecahkan phone mama...selama ni jatuh jugak, tapi tak la sampai pecah screen..kalo memang ler rezeki yer..mama nak dapat phone baru...