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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cultural Diversity Parade

Recently, Aira's class hosted a parade to celebrate cultural diversity. The children had constructed floats that represent things that are special about them as individuals and things that are special about their families's cultural heritages.

I just love to see all the children with their floats. The floats were different from one another even though some of them came from the same country. Each float was truly unique. 

And the best thing was seeing how proud each and everyone of the children with their own float.. 

Admittedly, I was pleasantly surprise with Aira's float. She managed to build her own float without my help! I cant believe it! Oh, my baby girl is not a baby anymore..

She got the Petronas Twin Towerminiature girl wearing a pink kebaya with a pink button. There was also a pink button hair clip (super cute!!) on her float. I could see that she really enjoyed this activity.

Everybody is super excited.

Aira is wearing her kebaya dress

Papa is also excited for the parade

Aira is very proud with her float that she made by herself 

The children wore their special clothing that celebrates their cultural heritage.

And then we headed back to the classroom so that all parents could get a closer look at the miniature parade floats.

She also made a Malaysian flag collage

Aira is explaining about her float to others parent

Aira has been developing and promoting her self-esteem rather swiftly for the past few months. I really love how this project create a self-concept based on interactions with other people. Aira is now more confident to express and interact with others. She is more comfortable in social settings and really enjoys group activities compared to before.

We are the proud parents!

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