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Friday, June 10, 2011

My First Refashion..my own blouse

I’m suppose to sew my tudung (hijab), but I’m still couldn't sew the end edging of the fabric, it kept stuck to my machine and I don’t know what is the problem, so I decided to wait and ask my friend later next week.

While waiting for next week, I tried to refashion my own blouse. It is my first attempt in doing so.

FYI, I have a white blouse that was a surprise present from my friends at school. They gave it to me last year for a farewell present. I didn’t realise that it’s big size for me until I arrived in Manama. But I still wear it from time to time although it’s too big for me.

Last Wednesday, My Arabic class had a practical session at the Bahrain City Center Mall, and I saw a shirt form Punt Roma that has ruffles…TING!

I want to challenge myself to turn my old blouse into new one.

I cut a the sides of the blouse to make it fit for me, and then I sew it to make it smaller.

I made the ruffles from the balance of the fabric that I cut. Before I sew it on my blouse, I sew zig zag pattern at the edge. I’m still new and not familiar with my own sewing machine and this is the result:

The right one is the first that I sew and the left one is the end result…and is so funny. We can see the different quality (hehe).

Pin it to the shirt
Sew it

For the sleeves, I used the elastic tread to make a grip design.

 Done…This is my new blouse..Tadaaa!


And I'm loving it!


  1. ouh...patutla akak kate nk buat zigzag kt machine..mcm jahit tepi ae?
    tapi kate machine xleh buat...nk kne tukar tapak ke ape?
    lin tgh nk jahit tmpat bakul letak baju ni da koyak, tatau cane nk jahit tepi..hehehe

  2. haritu yang tak boleh tu kain nak buat tudung..fabrik tu kene tukar jarum..kalau cotton ni senang..ala lin..jahit zigzag jer..