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Friday, June 3, 2011

headband for birthday present

I have been away from my blog for some time. I've been so busy with activities from ladies association and programs with the Asian embassies ladies. I got invitation for a 12 years old girl birthday  party today. I'm so tired to go and buy a present for her, so i decided to make a crochet headband for her.

This is the headband with a tulle flower. I put 4 pearls at the center of the flower.

I use black elastic because I don’t know her head size. 

I hope she will like it!

I made this heart bread jelly to bring along to the party. Last day we bought KFC for dinner and we got the dinner breads (5), no one wants to eat it, so I use the breads to make the jelly. After the party we having religions class (usrah), normally all the guest will bring at least one dish sweet or savory. 

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