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Sunday, May 22, 2011

headband with flower

This is Aira's headband...she request mama for a pink headband with a flower..and the flower must be in pink..I run out the shocking pink tread, so i have to change into light pink for the outer line..

Im supposed to make the flower using crochet too, but im having trouble..its turn out so mess and not nice at all, so i make the flower using the Rolled Rosettes..

I use the balance tulle that i made tutu skirt for my girls.

And Aira love it..:)

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  1. comelnya kak aira ngan new head band ;))
    btw, kakak,, nk buat bunga tu wrap bulat je kan..lin try tp xyakin jek nk jahit mati..hihihi ;p