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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stop breastfeed Day Time

I managed to train my baby, Aisya to stop breastfeeding during the day time. Actually, it was quite difficult as I'm not working anymore and I have always been with her at home. It's a different process. 

But we made it.. congrats to Aisya, Aira, papa and myself! It's our family success. Thanks for all the cooperation to make this mission a success.

Aisya now is enjoying drinking formula milk using bottle with her sister Aira. Time flies really fast..Aisya is a big girl now.

She can't fall asleep at night without breastfeed. Before this, when she want to sleep she always play with my  shirt or "tali" from my pants while breastfeed. But now, she just rubbed my face until she falls asleep..

But the PROBLEM is....in the middle of the night, she will cry and asking for "susu mama"...and she refused to drink milk from bottle!..she kept crying for hours and sometimes she lost her voice.

But its okay, we can try it slowly..hope everything turn out well..




  1. raniya sekarang gila siku.nak tdo cari siku.mcm2 perangai.