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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crochet + T shirt = New T shirt

Refashion...a plain t shirt into crochet t shirt..

I bought this T shirt a fortnight ago for 1.500 Bahrain Dinar (about RM11).

Its a plain T shirt.

 Last week my husband and I saw a lot of T-shirts from Forever 21 that have crochet pattern on it, but the T-shirt turned out to be so expensive. So, I decided  to put some crochet pattern on my plain T-shirt.

I'm a beginner in crocheting lace patterns, I only knew how to make hexagon pattern from this book.

But, for this T shirt I made some adjustments to make it to be circle pattern..

The funny thing is, all this while I thought that making the crochet is the hardest part of this redesign project. Apparently, it took even more effort to stitch the completed design to the T-shirt, as my still aching back can testify.

New T shirt



  1. :)..thanks dear...tula, aku pun suka sangat2 la...:) (masuk bakul angkat sendiri)

  2. cantik2.ergh,bila aku nak start project ni.

  3. cik faramin:u sibuk buat kek..:)..xper..leh buat lepas buat kek ek?baju rania dah siap?

  4. haha,bju niya siap utk pergi kedai je.

  5. Abby: thank you dear..:)

    Faramin:okla tu..;)