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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Princess party

It's been a really long time I did not post any thing on my blog...its quite busy lately...

Sekarang ni lega sikit, but still have the next program this weekend.... :-)

This post is about my little princess..its her 5th birthday...It is a Princess Birthday Ball. Only girls are allowed!

But at the same time, it's a budget party, so most of the decoration and food are self made.


1. The hanging crown : Felt that I cut and sew together

2. Flower : Its a Pom-pom flower that I made from tissue paper and put it in recycled bottle. I drew the inspiration from this tutorial.

3. Small crown (cupcakes decoration) : I cut the crown from the pink paper wrappers and glue it on the toothpicks.

4. Heart shape wand : Used colour paper and cut it into heart shape and glued it on satay sticks

5. Pink balloons


1. Cupcakes : Chocolate cakes with cream cheese and chocolate ganache

2. Pink Chocolate Pop Cakes

3. Pink popcorn : I referred to this tutorial to make this..and I am so glad I make this, because the princesses really love the popcorn..:)

4. Strawberry Jelly in a small cup

5. Heart pizza : I make this small heart pizza.

6. Doritos snacks : From my friend Ros

7. Dadih : Its a corn dadih from my friend Nani

8. Keropok ( colourful crackers)

The cupcakes

The pink popcorn and Pink pop cakes

Heart pizza

Decorating the heart wand


1. Pass the ballon

2. Statue Dance

3. Wand Decorating

This is the only family picture that we snapped on that day...the princesses were so tired..huhu.
(my dress : I stitched that myself.. :-) 

All the princesses were really happy and love the food that I made...Of course the birthday girl Aira was happy too..

Happy Birthday Aira!!! Mama love you so so much..


  1. nad,ajar aku buat pop cake nnt.aku buat tk jadi.lollipop stick tak nak lekat kat cake tu.huhu.
    Comelnya princess berdua tu.

  2. oo..dulu pun aku buat tak jadi, pastu aku study yang ada dalam you tube...cake tu kene gaul dulu ngan coklat, pastu bulatkan...simpan dalam fridge..dah keras baru cucuk ngn stick..pastu baru salut ngan coklat...

    selamat mencuba...